How it Works

Imagine being your own boss, creating your own working schedule and making a limitless income.  Each year over 180 billion dollars is spent on print products in North America.  A limited number of affiliate web stores are now available for purchase.  By owning your own web store, you will have the opportunity to earn a piece of the print industry’s multi-billion dollar market share.  For a minimal investment, you will be provided with a Vertigo Print System fully automated online ordering system branded with your logo.  All you have to do is drive traffic to your web portal and you can start earning money immediately!​

For a low investment, Vertigo Print Systems will provide:​

  • Fully functional automated online ordering system branded with your logo​
  • Access to quality products from leading vendors in the print industry​
  • Preferential group pricing with the ability to set your own pricing for resale​
  • A full business and marketing plan​
  • A Customer Service Team to process and manage orders​
  • A Product Development Team dedicated to sourcing new quality products and securing preferential group pricing

Start making money today!​

Your responsibilities include:

  • Driving traffic to your web portal​
  • Lead generation​
  • Client management and retention​
  • Setting your own retail pricing using Vertigo Print Systems’ preferential group pricing​
  • Management of marketing/promotional offers and social media strategy
  • ​Networking

What happens next?
Once you have created your e-store, you will be provided with customer service and technical support, updated products and online tools and training opportunities for a low monthly fee

Have peace of mind knowing your monthly fee gives you full access to:

  • Unlimited customer service and technical support​
  • Regular software updates to the online automated ordering system​
  • Regular improvements to the online design studio​
  • Addition of new products
  • Online order management
  • Marketing consultation with Vertigo Print Systems’ Marketing Team​
  • Regular newsletters with sales tips, social media ideas, etc.​
  • Training opportunities, sales coaching and webinars on helpful sales techniques
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